2011.06.01 - Evan

See also the Click blog.

2011.02.13 - Evan

The fact that I am running the window AC in my office -- and a humidifier -- gives you an idea of how bad the temperature control in this house is. To be fair, the swinging temperature outside is a contributor. Normally I'd just open the windows a bit to vent the rising heat. I had the window unit running as a fan for an hour, and it was still quite toasty. Hopefully a brief blast of cold air should balance things for the evening.

Every office I ever have is isolated and on the top floor. And every one has issues with heat.

2011.02.09 - Evan

Click development (the community side of things) is going well, but slowly. RESTful access is still a bit borked, so I'm just going to edit this freestyle and pop it as a block of text into the first post when I finally make a blog function.

I've had more sudden work emergencies than I had anticipated, which is getting annoying (on the other hand, the prototype extended listing is looking really good. Then I had a bunch of people wanting to chat with me, which is okay, but really kills productivity.

Javascript issues and then I'm done. Blearg.

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