Howdy! We're happy to support gaming in Nashville by opening our home.

If you have any questions or need more precise directions:

  • Sarah Edwards: (814) 404-0008
  • Evan Edwards: (814) 889-8845


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Our address is 2117 Bernard Avenue, Nashville, TN 37212. The mapping software of your choice should give reliable directions (or visit Google Maps, which provided that photo to the right of our house).

Briefly, we're fairly near the Harris Teeter and Friedman's on 21st Avenue just north of 440. Friedman's Army Navy Surplus is on the corner of Bernard Avenue.

Regular Games

Wednesday - Open board games

Friday - Longer form board games and tabletop RPGs.

Saturday - LARPs and tabletop games.

Plus others!


We have several tables of various sizes, indoors and out, many folding chairs, and a library isolated from the television room (so a movie and game can run concurrently).

There's also a firepit in the backyard and a grill we can fire up.

In terms of food and drink, feel free to bring anything you want. We've got a stove and oven you're welcome to use, plus a bunch of local restaurants that deliver. Harris Teeter is also literally across the street (behind the house), a quick walk away. Social drinking is perfectly fine. Wednesday nights are often a casual, friendly potluck.

Brown's Diner is also a couple doors down (reviews, more reviews, photos and menu). It's a utter dive bar that usually ranks in the top five best burgers in Nashville. The rest of the menu's pretty good too... and literally close enough to walk back and your fries are still warm.



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