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THE BELOW IS (as many personal sites are) OUT OF DATE. But see Gaming and Move

Evan and Sarah are in Tennessee, Having moved from Pennsylvania in late 2010 and from California in early 2005. They spend the days in odd pursuits plus Sarah's chemistry research and Evan building his company.

Sarah enjoys chemistry, corsets and yellow labs, and Evan enjoys writing, building objects of wood and coding.

They are both members of the SCA, the Society for Creative Anachronism, and enjoy history. They also enjoy "future history", aka science fiction (or speculative fiction if you're snooty about it).

We have also established the Cheshire Hall Lexington Estate, due to Sarah joining the faculty of University of Kentucky in 2014. She is currently splitting her time between Lexington and Nashville.

Costuming, our silly hobby (not the same as garb, which is practical SCA clothing).

Moleskine, the notebook we both use.

Wosei, an invented language for the Wose, a creature from Wesnoth.

Gaming is a major activity we do in TN.


On 2011-01-27, Evan updated the software underlying the website. As a result, the content is not moved over. See the old site for missing bits.

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