We are moving! Cheshire Hall is moving from the current location off 440 to the new location off 24/65. All events will continue at the new location at a nicer venue. From all points South, East or North, the travel time should be the same.

The big move date is on Saturday July 29th, 2017. We'll try to do most of the heavy physical activity in the morning and evening when it is coolest. We will be picking up the truck at 8am and will start loading as soon as we get back from picking up the truck.

We will meet at the old Cheshire Hall location.

If you would like to help before or after the big move date, please contact Sarah!

Phone numbers:

Sarah (814) 404-0008

Evan (814) 889-8845


Old Location: 2117 Bernard Ave., Nashville, TN 37212

New Location: 2005 Jones Ave., Nashville, TN 37207


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